Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to bust your budget

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Same time every year. The day before payday. No matter how much better we’re doing, somehow Valentine’s Day always finds us without the ability to indulge in the lavish Valentine’s Days of my past. It’s my favorite holiday (don’t judge me-I deal with that concept tomorrow). Before Greg I used to make sure I celebrated in a big way. It never mattered if there was a man in my life. For me Valentine’s Day is about love–all love. I used to take weekends away with my best girlfriend at the time, or go out to expensive dinners. There were always flowers and chocolate of some kind, and maybe even some sparkly bauble to gush to my friends about.

Now that I’m older, broker, and wiser I find that I don’t need all that craziness. I mean, I’d love a weekend away, but it doesn’t have to be in February. Any old weekend will do for a SAHM who is in desperate need of a vacay. In fact, I’d hate to know that Big G spend big bucks on flowers that are half the price any other day of the year. I’m not a big fan of chocolate, and never eat an entire box. I have all the baubles I can wear. With a kid in the mix now, finding a single sitter is harder and harder to do, and I wouldn’t dream of asking my Mom to sacrifice her romantic evening with Daddy just so we could go out (not that she’d say “yes”). I’ve even found that the food on V-Day isn’t as good, and the service is certainly crappier.

That does not mean that Valentine’s Day won’t get celebrated, however. For the last few years I’ve gotten into finding a creative way to make something for Big G. Last year I took all the movie tickets I’d saved from our whole relationship and decoupaged a box with them. I can’t say it turned out as awesome as I’d imagined, but it’s a pretty cool keepsake. This year I made a book for him, complete with hand-colored illustrations by yours truly. Grace is getting a Valentine’s Day Barbie I got at the supermarket. She’s easy to please.

As for dinner…well, I’m cooking. I’m a pretty darn good cook, if I don’t say so myself. So for a fraction of what it would cost out at a jam packed restaurant, I’m making filet mignon with garlic shrimp and scallops and garlic smashed potatoes. I’m celebrating my loves without all the hoopla, and not because anyone is making me, or expecting me to. It’s just because I want to.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day this year?

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  1. I also love valentines day. We also celebrate it on a budget too. I tell my A to never get me roses on valentines, but instead if he wants to get me flowers to get me tulips which I love and that are much much cheaper.

    We usually have a nice dinner just the two of us, rent a movie and spend the rest of the night in bed…or not 😉


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