A Lin-derella Story

Before you call me a poser, or a front runner, let me be up front and tell you that the last basketball game I watched in entirety was in 1994. It was game 7 of the Rockets/Knicks championship game. Michael Jordan had retired leaving the rivaling Knicks almost uncontested in a race to the championships, and in the end it was an Olajuwon-Ewing face-off. I was stoked to finally cheer my Knicks to a championship, but John Starks and Pat Riley wouldn’t dash that dream for me. Starks was a hit or miss kind of player whose signature 3-pointer had granted many victories for the Knicks, but on this night he was blowing it and they kept giving him the ball. I was so pissed that I never watched another basketball game again.

I’ve always been a Knicks fan, thanks to my Daddy who told me legendary tales of basketball on our trips to Grandma’s house on Sundays. That was back when the Larry Bird and Dr. Jay were plastered on the walls of teenaged boys. Basketball betting was the only form of gambling allowed in our house. In fact I have this tiny twinge of guilt when I think of the lost bet I renegged on with my Dad. It was for a Baby Ruth on the only game I bet against the Knicks (I’d recently fallen in love with the Charlotte Hornets, just cause of their colors…that’s the starter I wore), and instead of ponying up I batted my eyelashes to be released. I’d totally buy my dad one now if it weren’t for the whole giving a diabetic candy thing being a death by chocolate sentence. That was back when basketball was fun, and without the Bulls (which my brother rooted for) and the crappy Knick playing, I didn’t have the appetitie for it.  I vowed not to watch a game until the Knicks could make it fun again. I still haven’t watched a game, but it sounds like Jeremy Lin might be the man to make me change the channel.

Besides an awesome scoring streak, and sharing a last name with my cousins,  the man has an awesome back story too. A Harvard graduate he wasn’t drafted into the NBA, which isn’t really a shock because the last Ivy League grad to get drafted was back in 1995. He played 7 minutes for the Rockets before signing with the Knicks on December 27. Lin was on the verge of getting released from NY when he finally got a chance to prove himself on February 4 scoring 25 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists paving the way to victory for the Knicks. This kid has been making headlines ever since, and is even on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  He’s finally made it off his brother’s Lower East Side couch and into his very own condo in White Plains. How frigging cool is that? This is the kind of story that makes a chick want to watch a game. That, and watching an Asian that isn’t just really huge show the world the true meaning of perseverance. He becomes a free agent soon, and I’m hoping he chooses to stay in NYC and not get lured by Miami’s almost unbeatable line-up (see I pay attention).

I’m not watching a game yet, because in the last few years the Knicks start to get good and blow it in the end, which is a disappointment my childhood fan can’t handle just yet. I’d actually been planning to go to a game with some friends, but now it’s sold out. We’ll see what happens, but for now I’m pretty stoked that the Knicks are actually Lin-ning!

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