A manicure for a bizzaromom- if I can do it so can you

I wasn’t allowed to paint my nails until I was 15, and my mom wasn’t that kind of gal. That’s not to say unfeminine, because there was no one more feminine that my mother when I was growing up. She was this graceful, angelic creature with long, red hair and green eyes, she just didn’t need the paint to make her look prettier. The point is, that because she didn’t do it much, I never really learned how, and even now, I can’t manipulate a polish brush without ending up with smudges or a rouge patch of red on my elbow.

I used to get manicures, but that was back when I got to wear a suit in the city, and a mani/pedi was more a business necessity than a luxury. Nowadays it doesn’t make sense to get my nails done because they end up chipped before the day is done. When I do get a chance to get a manicure I like to get a UV mani, cause those last at least a week and a half. However, when it comes to a DIY mani, I have fallen deeply in love with Sally Hansen Salon effects nail polish strips.

They come in a billion colors and designs, and while some of them are a little 10th grade, some of them really make me smile. Not only are they easy to apply, but they last days longer than a regular manicure. Plus, they give you an extra two per hand, so if you’re as clever as me, you can turn what is supposed to be a regular manicure set into a complete mani/pedi. Check out my favorite style, the “love letter”

If you want some advice on how to make them work. Look out below.

1. File, buff, and cut your cuticles. Do whatever it is to make your ten little indians look shiny and pretty.

2. Put down your base coat. I like to use something quick drying and beneficial to me. So I use Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea + Olive Growth.

3. When that’s dry. Open your kit. You’re going to find a cuticle stick, a small emery board/buffer, and two packs with 7 nail strips in each. Remember Lee press on nails? The concept is similar, pick the sizes for each nail and lay them out in size order. Put the others to the side (If you turn them sideways you can use them for your toes).

4. Holding it from the tear off strip, remove both the clear plastic ( I got this wrong the first time, and made a mess of things), and the wax paper backing. Only then should you tear off the tab.

5. Do your best to match the shape of your nail to the strip, and carefully rub the strip down onto your nail. Using the flat side of the cuticle stick bend it down under the ridge of your nail. Use the emery board side of the file to get rid of the excess strip. Rub down again.

6. Top this with a coat of clear nail polish. Again I like the quick dry stuff. I use Sally Hansen Diamond Strength 60 second hardener.

7. Repeat with all fingers.

It takes a little practice, but even a klutz like me got this down after one time. Check out my love doodles manicure.

What do you think? Have you tried these?

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