Beat the blues and blahs–a SAHM secret

Let’s be honest, one of the best parts of having kids is the ability to tap into your hidden silly sally. Not only have studies shown that this is important for their healthy development, but it can really go a long way to help you stop sweating the small stuff.  No matter where you work, but especially for SAHMs, the season blues and blahs can strike at any moment. Add on any kind of irregular stress, like a sick child, or a spouse starting a new job (or looking for one), and you might even feel paralyzed. Trust me, I know about this stuff first hand.

Today I was feeling myself get stuck in the clean the house-watch the baby routine, with Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch in the background. I guess it was that Little G looked like she was feeling a lot better (there’s been a mystery fever the last two days), and maybe that I just need to break free. I popped the iphone into a dock, shut the boob toob off, and blasted some tunes. She was hesitant at first, especially as I air guitared to AC/DC, but before I knew she was sitting with me as we shuffled through my playlists and letting me know when I should play, “that one Mommy” and “stand up, let’s dance”. We Bohemian Rhapsody-ed, Poured Some Sugar on Me, said Bye-Bye Love, followed the Ants Marching, and Walked Like an Egyptian. In between the dancing frenzy we laid on the carpet and belted out Hey Jude, All My Loving, and ended the party with Little G’s song.

Little G is currently tuckered out on the floor, while I type away my awesome discovery. Plus, I can’t imagine that I didn’t just burn off the cookies I indulged in last night. This is going to be a regular occurrence in the Bizzaro house. Try it out and see if you aren’t feeling the blues turn to brighter hues.

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