K-Cup Reviews-Jet Fuel, Sweet Summer Raspberry, Chai

As promised I’ve carefully tasted and reviewed three more K-cup flavors to help you decide on your next big purchase.

First up is Jet Fuel by the Coffee People

This coffee promises to be the strongest most potent brew you can get from your Keurig and it certainly does live up to the hype. It is ridonkuclously strong without being watery. The problem is in the flavor. Big G described it as “totally nasty”, but we have been having issues with our Keurig brewing short cups. I had a regular cup and added some extra cream and sugar and while I didn’t agree that it was totally nasty, it wasn’t the tastiest cup I’ve had. In fact, it tastes a little burnt, the way super strong coffee has a tendency to do. It isn’t going in the garbage, but that’s just because I think it’ll help on my long nights of writing into the wee hours of the morning.



I was really excited to order a case Timothy’s Sweet Summer Raspberry k-cups, especially because I love berry flavored coffees

so much. When I brewed my first cup the aroma was divine. I would totally brew this as an air freshener on a cold winter’s day, when I need a reminder that summer isn’t gone forever. The taste, however, leaves much to be desired. Again we’ve got a case of watery brewing. It isn’t as rich tasting as it smells, but I think this might be a good summer coffee, and might taste pretty good with two cups brewed short over ice. This hasn’t been tested yet, and I’ll update this post in the summer. It isn’t a total waste of k-cup though, but it isn’t my favorite to say the least.



I know it’s weird, but sometimes I don’t like to drink coffee. Don’t faint just yet. I love my caffeine no matter what form it comes in, but sometimes I need something that tastes yummy and warm without that coffee taste. In that case I like to turn to chai. Celestial Seasonings did a really great job with this one. I like to drink it with just a drop of half’n’half and a dab of sugar. Sometimes I’ll even add a bit of nutmeg to add to the flavor. This is a really great blend of teas and spices that produces a robust cup of tea. It’s my favorite non coffee k-cup for sure. If you’re a chai fan, I wholeheartedly recommend this cup.




As always, if you have a k-cup that you’d like to see reviewed here leave me a comment and I’ll send you my contact info so you can send me one of yours. I’ll gladly give you all the credit. Happy Keurig-ing.

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  1. Willlie

     /  February 27, 2012

    Have you shared a link to your blog with the Keith users group?


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