Admitting Failure

I’ve been a chicken. I haven’t posted in weeks because my first attempt at the Bizzaro Blueprint was a dismal failure. I used calendars, and checklists, and even tried to use outlook to manage my schedule, but I just couldn’t get it together. One thing after another. My work from home job conflicted with my mom at home job and with my domestic duties. No matter how I tried, it just didn’t pan out for me. The laundry continued to collect in piles, in corners and on the floors of my home. I had a three day conference for work, which lead to daunting amounts of dirty dishes and endless take out containers which littered my coffee table and the bursting bags of garbage which we kept forgetting to drag to the curb. Big G started his new job the same week, which lead to adjusting feelings of loneliness from Little G and me. Then there was the party planning for my mother’s retirement party, and and overwhelming avalanche of work not getting done on the big project at work.

I couldn’t find the time to do anything, let alone tell you how I was failing miserably at my organizational adventure.

Then last week, it all came to an astounding overwhelming head. I just couldn’t stand the mess anymore. I couldn’t stand the hours of television being streamed into my living room. I couldn’t stand not knowing how to start.

So I did. I just started, and I’ll tell you more about how I’ve grown closer to becoming the super mom I dream of being, but that’s for another day.

Today I want to tell you the most important part of the Bizzaro Blueprint–and life in general.

You must know how to admit when you’ve failed. We do it all the time. We’re late to the party, we miss a deadline, we lock our keys in a running car. We fail. We are human beings, imperfect in every way. We are fallible and flawed. The truth is, that’s okay.

If we weren’t so imperfect we wouldn’t have the amazing capacity for learning that humans do. We wouldn’t have the innovations, or the accidental discoveries. There would be no penicillin, and we’d have no Isaac Newton. We are imperfect and amazing creatures.

So- there it is, my confession…stay tuned for the amazing discoveries I’ve made though my failed attempt and the new beginning of my organized life.

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